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Gianluca d'Incą



Gianluca d'Incą has studied in Venice where he graduated in Architecture with a thesis on Treviso railway station: "Urban areas strongly influenced and characterized by the presence transoport infrastructures". He deepens the relationship among architecture, infrstructure and landscape, during the years. In 2004 it achieves the Phd at faculty of architecture of Pescara writing "The noise's architecture".

Currently he focuses on the study of the relationship among architecure and interactive design through the experimentation of innovative material and new technologies inside the architecture.

After the experiences in large architectural firms such as the Taller de Arquitectura of Ricardo Bofill in Barcelona and Studio Valle Proggettazioni in Rome, began his own career since 2000, firs with M.S. Scano with the Nova Urbs, and then, from 2006 founding the Studiio of Architecture and Design - Gianluca d'Incą with different professional figures.



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